How It Works takes two very different models and mashes them together in a way that everybody wins. On one hand, we’re an ecommerce store, selling top brands of cabinet hardware at the very lowest prices the manufacturers allow. On the other hand, we’re a crowdfunded relief platform, allowing anyone who needs assistance rebuilding their home to apply for one of our rebuilding grants. So how do these two things come together? Easy, we take 10% of the purchase price that our customers spend on our products and put that toward our rebuilding grants.

So how do we choose which projects get funded? We don’t, our visitors and customers do. Any website visitor, whether they purchase or not, can vote for the project of their choice. Projects normally become eligible to receive funds when they receive 100 votes, though in certain pressing situations, such as a natural disaster, we may make a project eligible automatically. Our customers can then choose which eligible project to give their 10% to. Once an eligible project reaches its funding threshold, it gets funded.

What happens if a project doesn’t reach it’s funding threshold? In most cases, the project will not get funded at all and any funds donated to that project will be put instead into our discretionary fund. However, if a project is close to its threshold, we may take money from the discretionary fund in order to push it over.

Watch our video below for an example of how the process works:

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