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Build a Teacher’s House in Malawi

A new house will make a big difference. The students simply cannot get the attention they need with 60 other students in a class.

Ryan Parkes

Africa Education Aid

The African Education Aid Story

Jandalala Primary School is a government run school in rural Malawi. Currently, there are 360 students at Jandalala, taught by only 6 teachers, a ration of 60:1. The reason why this ratio is so poor is not due to the lack of a teaching budget, but for lack of teacher residences. In Malawi, it is expected that the community provide housing for the teachers, and the community lacks appropriate student housing. As a result, only 4 out of the 38 students who graduated Jandalala this past year went on to secondary schooling.

Africa Education Aid is made up of students from the Kirk Hallam secondary school in Derbyshire, England. These students, along with their teacher Mr. Mwanza, who himself attended Jandalala, have undertaken to raise the money needed to build extra accommodations for teachers in order to improve the education in Jandalala.

This projects is to raise $3,000. This amount, when combined with the funds raised by the students of Kirk Hallam school through their other fundraising activities, will be enough to build homes for two teachers. This will bring the student/teacher ration down to 45:1 and greatly improve the education at Jandalala.


Teachers for 360 Students
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    Teachers for 360 Students

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On, 10% of all money spent on the site gets donated to relief projects like this one, and our shoppers designate which project should get their 10%. If you’re a shopper and wish to help build teachers homes in Africa, just let us know. is not currently set up to accept donations. Anyone wishing to donate money directly to this project may do so via

What I love about this project is how little it takes from us to accomplish so much. We don’t need to recruit teachers or cover their salaries. We just need to give them a place to live and we can transform this community for generations to come.

David Mason


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