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Build a School in Nicaragua

When you’re in a survival mode, it’s hard to learn…You see it on the faces of these kids, they’re so excited about getting an education.

Tom Affleck

Founder, SchoolBox

The SchoolBox Story

SchoolBox began with one man, Tom Affleck, and two notebooks and pencils. He gave away the notebooks to two girls in a poor Nicaraguan village. He thought they’d appreciate the gift, but was shocked to learn how much. Just having a notebook and pencil allowed these two girls to start attending school.

Those first notebooks sparked a movement. To date, SchoolBox has given away hundreds of thousands of notebooks to Nicaraguan school kids, helping far more children go to school.

As SchoolBox progressed, they realized that there were so many communities that didn’t have schools or even the infrastructure to house a school in. SchoolBox decided to dedicate itself to building up schools. They work with the ministry of education to identify communities in need of help, then work with the local communities to build the schools.

This projects is to raise $10,000 to aid in building schools in the neediest communities throughout Nicaragua.


% of Nicaraguan Children getting Primary Education
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    % of Nicaraguan Children getting Primary Education

What You Can Do To Help

Designate and/or Donate

On, 10% of all money spent on the site gets donated to relief projects like this one, and our shoppers designate which project should get their 10%. If you’re a shopper and wish to give your share to build a school in Nicaragua, just let us know. is not currently set up to accept donations. Anyone wishing to donate money to SchoolBox’s efforts may do so via their website at

Watching SchoolBox’s video, I realized how much I took my own education for granted. It’s amazing to me that so close to our borders there are countries where half the kids are not even getting elementary school education. For the cost of sending one child to private school in America, we can educate an entire village in Nicaragua.

David Mason


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