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Shower Love upon the Homeless of San Francisco

A shower – something so small and simple that most of us take for granted – has the power to transform lives.

Doniece Sandoval

Founder, Lava Mae

The Lava Mae Story

San Francisco has 6500 homeless, 3100 of whom live on the street. There are currently only 16 showers available in the city for those 3100 people to use. The United Nations and World Health Organization define access to water and sanitation as a basic human right. Someone who lacks this access not only suffers a blow to their dignity, but also puts their health, and the health of those around them, at risk.

Lava Mae is raising money for a bus that will be fit with showers and toilets for the homeless. The bus can make the rounds of the city, stopping in areas where the homeless need them most.


Showers for 3100 Living on the Street
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    Showers for 3100 Living on the Street

What You Can Do To Help

Designate and/or Donate

On, 10% of all money spent on the site gets donated to relief projects like this one, and our shoppers designate which project should get their 10%. If you’re a shopper and wish to help put showers on the road in San Francisco, just let us know. is not currently set up to accept donations. Anyone wishing to donate money directly to this project may do so at

Want to do more? Remember, this is a project about human dignity. Most walk past the homeless without sparing a glance. We have no idea how much impact a smile or a hello can make.

David Mason


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