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Anne at Home

Butterfly-Lg Knob 465

$14.35 $15.94
Product Details: Value: Brand: Anne at Home Style: Animals Product Type: Cabinet Hardware/Knobs Item Name: Butterfly-Lg Knob SKU: 465 Material: Pewter with brass...

Atlas Homewares

Spa Blue Square Knob 230-BLU

$11.57 $12.85
Product Details: Value: Brand: Atlas Homewares Collection: Spa Style: Modern, Contemporary, Transitional Product Type: Cabinet Knobs Item Name: Spa Blue Square Knob 230-BLU...

Atlas Homewares

Elizabeth Knob 1 1/4 inch - 418

$7.74 $8.60
Product Details: Value: Brand: Atlas Homewares Product Type: Knob Finish: Matte Black Item Name: Elizabeth Knob 1 1/4 inch - 418 SKU: 418 Diameter: 13/16'' Length: 1...

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Cabinet is an unusual business, so it's not surprising we get a lot of questions about what we are: Are we a Cabinet Hardware business, or an emergency relief organization? Truthfully, we're both. On the business side, we sell many of the top brands cabinet knobs and pulls, plus related items, such as kitchen and bathroom accessories and home organizers. Yet, we do not believe that business has to stand for the bottom line only. We wanted to create a business that would give back to the community. Since we were a home improvement store, it seemed natural that the way we would give back would be to help those in need to improve their homes. And since virtually all cabinet hardware manufacturers have instituted minimum pricing policies, we are able to give away large sums of money yet still not be undersold.